can this gta rip off become even better then gta?

User Rating: 9 | Saints Row 2 PS3
ok so when my gta 4 game crashed i turned to this..(i had this before gta but never bothered with it) and while im not into the whole gangsta idea this surprised me here's why.


#1 stillwater is a great wreak havoc! :D because it's got a trailer park, a city, a "ghetto" get my point.

#2 tons of easter eggs!! from a simple sign to a giant bunny to hidden islands!

#3 lots and lots of customazation!! from clothes and cars to gangs and rooms!

#4 great story really dog eat dog.

#5 tons of vehicles!! (planes 6 ,boats 4,cars {80?},)

#7 you can drink and smoke.

#8 really it can be nonlinear.

#9 really funny dialogue!!

#10 each "boss" or proganist is unique,


#1 when you fall out of a car or jump for a building you'll ragdoll.

#2 only 3 voices for your pc.

#3 the same dialouge over and over again..

#4 once you beat the game (unless you have an imagination or you wanna fight pimps) you don't have much to do..

#5 not many weapons.


while it may feel like a rip-off it's not it's really unique..and anybody who can't afford gta or doesn't like niko should try this out..stillwater may not be as great as liberty city it's still a great city!