This is the firts saint rows I play and is amazing. The personalisation of cars,fly aeroplane and helicopters.

User Rating: 9.5 | Saints Row 2 (Collector's Edition) X360
The game is amazing but to the people that want to compare it with GTA4 they are wrong, because saints 2 is a great game but not better of GTA4.
It's entreating and you have a lot of fun playing it.
4 reasons of why I chose this game.

1._ The creation of characters, this make this game unique and very different from the others open world games.When you create your character make the game more personal and fun because you can dress him like a girl.

2._ The BUZZ this mini game makes saints 2 more fun because you are a cup and you have a camera man in you car that record all that you do.

3._ The personalisation of cars that is something I would like to see in GTA again. You can make the cars look better and funny.

4._ You cna fly aeroplanes and helicopters that something that I would like to see again in GTA. That make the game more destructive and fun again.

But sometimes it looks like a play station 2 game with better graphics, that is the only thing I see wrong in this game is fun and a good sequel of saints row 1.