Although not as polished as GTAIV, Saints Row 2 is EASILY just as fun, or MORE fun than GTAIV.

User Rating: 9 | Saints Row 2 PS3
I was a bit skeptical buying this game. I heard people complaining how grainy the picture was, how clunky the controls were, and just how unpolished the game was as a whole. I would like to be the FIRST to say, the negative hype is wrong!

GTAIV was a great game. While playing through the story, the player is intrigued by the plot, and in awe at the graphics. However, upon completion of the story missions, I find the game disc sitting in its case for weeks on end. Once the game is beat, there truly is nothing to do. It simply gets boring,

Saints Row 2, however, almost feels like a "Vice City" or "San Andreas" -esque game. Everything is over the top. Planes to fly, parachuting and BASE jumping to do, flaming ATVs to ride, people to throw off buildings, and the list goes on. I have been playing the game for about 12 hours now, and have only done ONE story mission. I cannot put the controller down because everything is so over the top, I just cant quit.

Although GTAIV looks a lot better, the graphics in Saints Row 2 and very good, despite other comments. Comparing them to previous gen graphics, they are phenomenal.

Also, the rumor about the car doors not opening and the character just spawning into the car is a lie. Granted on multiplayer that is the case, but who cares. During the single player campaign, everything is smooth and fun.

I would highly recommend that everyone goes out and at least rents this game. When you play it, dont compare it to GTAIV, but put it in a whole new category. The only thing that SR2 and GTAIV have in common is that fact that the city is a sandbox. Thats it.

Controls, looks, direction, fun factor - everything is unique. Go rent this game, and if you dont like it, oh well - you got to play a pretty sweet game for 5 bucks.

The SR series is breathing down R*'s neck, and if R* doesnt get innovative and fast, SR will blow by the previously "unrivaled franchise"

Final Thoughts

Gameplay - 10
Graphics - 8
Sound - 8
Value - 10