User Rating: 10 | Saints Row 2 PS3
This game is Amazing, funny and brutal all at the same time! Saints Row 2 also has a better story line, customization and is more fun than the previous Saints Row. Saints row 2 is Full of fun and character, I think that the customization of the characters is outstanding.Good game play and really fun and interesting side missions.
The only let down is the graphics which don't stand up to GTA IV but you will be having to much fun to notice that.With GTA taking a more grown up look at things as you cant customize cars, get planes or jet packs and lacks the fun of the previous GTA's, but Saints Row 2 brings that all back. I thought that the game play was near enough the same but there is more freedom and Gore in Saints Row 2, you can also customize cars, houses, gangs and yourself to make it a more interesting game than GTA. It is just a fun game that will rival GTA IV and may just take it over. Overall a brilliant game and a must buy.