Saints row is back and better than ever!

User Rating: 9 | Saints Row 2 (Collector's Edition) X360
This is Grand Theft Auto 4 but with: Taking anyone and using them as a human sheild or just throw them off a bridge, chainsaws, swords, shocking pads, a cool zombie video game in your crib, character customization, a wide variety of character personalities and funny taunts. The physics are amazing too like GTA4. The improvements that I have noticed from the first one was: The graphics, the ability to fly helicopters and planes and motorcycles and everything that GTA4 does not offer. Now Im not saying this is better then GTA4 (considering that I dont have it but I played it long enough to know alot of stuff about it) but this is one awesome free roamer! Did I mention that this game has alot of humor in it, its like all over the place! So I basically recommend this to any free roamer fan, anyone who likes GTA4 and for people who just like popular games, so what Im saying here is that this is a must buy!