A great over the top diversion

User Rating: 9 | Saints Row 2 (Collector's Edition) X360
Being a Saints Row fan I had a lot of hopes on the sequel. So it was nice to see the game turn out as run as it is EVEN WITH, the larger than normal amount of bugs that I am finding in the game (MASSIVE LOD / pop up problems, Collision issues, and the game flat lined on my once) I am still having a blast.

The ability to create a custom character as the main character adds so much to wanting to play the game now. I have a guy that a lot like me now in the game causing mayhem...AWESOME.

The story is funny and yet violent as all hell, I care about everyone in my gang that I come in contact with. and I care about the actual story and how it unfolds. Thank god THQ hired top tier talent to do VO, it pays off so well with pacing and connection with the characters...which we need more of in games since graphically....we have caught up enough.

My only gripe is the length of the game. A game of this size should have HOURS of story (like fallout 3 does) I beat the game in 8 hours. That's is usually the same length it takes me to beat an FPS (read:Linear-ish gameplay).
And that's the problem....I wanted to continue, I wanted more to do and see and be a part of. Now when I go into the world all I can do is replay the side missions (yawn) and admire my vast collection of custom cars...oh yeahhhh...I have every car in the game worth having in triplicates ....I dunno why.

there are problems however. First there is a seriously high amount of bugs in the game. Oddly enough when I first started playing the game I only noticed pop up and LOD issues, like when I was driving or flying. but later on as the missions advanced I noticed more. Usually when multiple things are going on in the game world I would get my slow down, which I honestly cannot fault I mean there is a lot of stuff going on here and the CPU can only do so much so fast on the 360....its the other bugs that while not annoying to me...may piss off the casual gamer just looking for some more GTA like fun.

The collision is a big thing in the lower part of the island by the airport. I was in a fight with the brotherhood and while running and gunning I got caught on an invisible wall...these walls actually make their ways into a lot of the streets in Saints Row 2. Many times in the frat district, by the airport and in the center of the city I hit walls that were invisible (collision brushes in the map) that were either never spotted or fixed before it shipped. Again a world this big...maybe I can see one of two slipping by.

Then there was the crash, I think (hope) this was more my xbox overheating than the game. but one can never know. my box is on a shelf with PLENTY of open space as is the adapter so air is not a problem. The game stopped working (literally) when I was in the mission laundering money. I was using the second character I created and when I got a block away from the destination, the dealer stopped driving and the car just sat there. I couldn't get out or drive all I could do is shoot. SO I just stood there shooting Ronin guys, until I reset the game. That mission, which basically means almost all the Ronin missions.....are still open on my second character as I cannot finish the game.

other than that. the game is a riot an absolute blast and I think anyone who even liked GTA will love this game.
Round of applause to Volition and THQ...well done.