GREAT, UNDERATED, INNOVATIVE, CRAZY, This game is what GTA4 should have been.

User Rating: 9 | Saints Row 2 (Collector's Edition) X360
Wow! This game really is awesome. I just rented it last night and for just playing it for about ten hours I have only completed the first mission! There are sooo many little things you can do in this game like, tow a car, tag a wall, piss off gangs, modify any car(extensive), fly ANYTHING!, smoke a cigar?(blunt?) And iam still only done with the first mission. Theres alot more to do! This game still also has great graphics too. Just not as detailed in the outside buildings. But, you can go into a ton of buildings and you can regain territory thats not even yours. My favorite part about this game has to be how well you can customize a car. The rims are the most ridiculous part on the car. You can have like 22in spinners on a honda civic! You can also lower and raise the car to your liking. Oh and did I mention that they have monster trucks too! Also the weapon selection is very extensive too. All in all iam very impressed with this game and am very excited that I bought it. No more GTA for me.