Saints Row 2 is a great game and if you like GTA type games this is one that you must buy. A game just for bad guys.=]

User Rating: 9 | Saints Row 2 (Collector's Edition) X360
Saints Row 2 is much better then preview one but seek the same type of game but in all the ways better.The visuals are superb, the soundtrack is very good. The gameplay is simple but still extremely fun, the story this time is much more nice then the preview game. And the new co-op gameplay (especially with the ninjas) are very fun too. But the game is very brutal ( more than GTA i should say) not a problem if you are old age , but its definitely the kind of game you can't play in front a kid or let one play. At the end in my opinion saints row franchise have a great potential but can't beat GTA,YET.Of course there are a lot of people who think Saints row 2 is one way better than GTA IV , i don't blame then its a great game. I would recommend rent a game first but go ahead and buy it first instead.Btw not a bad review from Gamespot but not that good that used to be.