Saints 2 Review "The Business Of Misery"

User Rating: 10 | Saints Row 2 PS3

Yeaahhh i just quoted Paramore's Misery Business in the title its my favorite song right now and i was so happy it was part of the amazing saints row soundtrack i love that band! Hayley was such a "Rock And Roll Queen" back then ok enough with the song references and to Saints Row 2!

This game always gets hate for its graphics but i think they look good i like this kind of graphics... And even if you dont like the graphics the gameplay will keep you coming back for more. The story is amazing not gonna say spoilers but the characters feel life like in my opinion which is great cause in many games ive played it wasn't like that good job Volition. The open world of Stillwater is great tons of side missions and things to do or you can just free roam! You are able to make your own character using sliders like you would in wwe games or a sports game to adjust the body to your liking you can also buy clothes for your character in stores around Stillwater And Also Car Customization aswell at garages! In story you take out 3 rival gangs Brotherhood, Ronin, Sons Of Samedi, not gonna spoil the last enemy in story for those who have not played i just said the 3 that will be known as soon as you beat prologue

I personally rather play this then GTAV

Final Judgement

Saints Row 2 is the perfect blend of great gameplay tons of customization and great story and side missions and an occasional laugh at parts of the story and an amazing soundtrack

10/10 Highly Recommended

This game inspired my username!