Amazing Game, a definite buy!

User Rating: 9 | Saints Row 2 PS3
First off I'd just like to say yes, I'm a GTA fanboy. GTA is one of my all time favorite games, but I shouldn't bring up GTA in a Saints row review. It just confuses me when people say this is a GTA clone, these games are completely different. They are both open-world crime games, and thats were the similarities end. GTA is a realistic game, but this, this is an acton-packed anything-goes adventure! This game is amazing, a true classic. You can tell this games was built around its open world, which is amazing! It took me forever to complete this because the Map and free roam are great. This game has an okay, repetitive story. The story is basically to become the top gang in your city, so on the missions you just kill these guys, chase these guys rinse and repeat. But this game wasn't made for story, it was made for the amazing free roam, soundtrack, customization, and guns. Once you play this you'll love it, and hours will go by without you even noticing, GET THIS!!