This game could've been great if the missions weren't absolutely awful.

User Rating: 6 | Saints Row 2 PC
Saints Row 2 does a lot of things right. Character customization, funny satirical story, huge amount of content. Where it fails is the missions. There's not a single good one in terms of gameplay. They feel like a chore to get through so that you can get to the story. It's an enjoyable game sure, but it is incredibly frustrating to step out of your car, immediately get run over, and die with no chance of surviving. Then you have to drive back to where the mission actually starts because half the time they make you drive for a good 30 seconds at the beginning of the actual gameplay. And boy is it bad. Nearly every mission consists of killing mobs of enemies with terrible ai.

I still enjoyed the game and beat every single mission, but it was frustrating as hell. The mini games are a nice addition but they don't feel very fleshed out. The world has a lot to offer and there's lots of neat things to find in the city. As good as all the side content was, they really should've tried to fix the core of the game.