Magical Adventure that you will always Miss

User Rating: 9 | SaGa Frontier (PSOne Books) PS
What can I say ? Saga Frontier delivers an unforgettable journey of many characters and you get to choose one that suits your Rpg taste, note that you need to finish them all at the end.

The characters are .. LOVELY !
I can't say that I hated a single one, every one was unique and the stories kept me playing through the game.
The Combat System is unique and easy going, and by far the funniest I've ever seen, Especially when doing random combos with random characters.

The cities are gorgeous and I loved that you can meet another character that also is a main character and get to know him and have him in your adventure.

The only thing I disliked about the game was the LAST BOSSES, they were freaking strong not to mention Emelias' .. GOD !
The music in this game is soothing and the battle themes are wonderful, I still can't get enough of them.

P.S. I still miss the game even though I've completed it for 3 - 4 times, Buy it and enjoy a true RPG