i like it alot

User Rating: 7.7 | SaGa Frontier (PSOne Books) PS
ok the game has some draw backs like the changing roster of heroes in your comand from story to story but 7 stories if i remember right in all makes up for it and the 2d graphic look is some what dated at that time. but looking past all that the stories each are decently written and the fact you can have up to 10-15 members on your team 5 members per battle (you chose who fights) and the fact you learn the abliities by playing long enough makes it unique as does the save data each story you finish is acumulated in your save data sort of. all in all the game is different but engaging but if you like using cheat codes your gonna have your work cut out for you because of the fact your team isnt always composed of the same people from story to story.