Truly one of a kind, 7 separate stories interwoven equal one great adventure. Only shame is the book companion

User Rating: 10 | SaGa Frontier (PSOne Books) PS
for this game is in Japanese, in the book "The Essence of Saga Frontier" it explains the back story as well as the extended endings. It's quite a shame because even tho the stories are separate they do contribute in a remarkable way at the end.

One of the best aspects of this game is the battle system, nearly all battles are avoidable (similar to mario RPG where you have to touch an enemy to engage combat) The attacks in this game are extremely flashy and when you perform a chain attack it's really an amazing sight.

Also the difficulty is fine, every other RPG I've played is way too easy.

Of course there are people who will hate this game but this is the type of RPG which you love or hate.