An very old game yet one of the best I have ever played. It's one of the first games of this type and is worth playing.

User Rating: 10 | Sacrifice PC
A pioneers in the genre of the first person RPG games. Having those strategy elements inside it make it even more unique and appealing for me to play it for few months back in the time when it get out. It's graphics may not be top notch by today's standards but the gameplay is amazing. It have pretty nice done campaign where you have multiple paths to take (toward good or evil). The whole campaign is few hours long yet it's well constructed and well voice acted. Some missions are hard yet all of them are possible to beat and the joy of doing it is equal. There is included map editor as well but i find it quite hard to use my self back then and yet even today I have problem creating map terrain in the modern strategy games, so i guess it was my lack of creativity.
I haven't play the multiplayer aspect of it but one day I will come back for it and play it. Over all it will be one of the best games I have ever played back then and today and will always have place in my heart and hard disc 10/10.