Its good, fun co-op play but flawed in few ways that make it not AS fun as it could have been.

User Rating: 7.5 | Sacred Citadel PS3
Graphics- 8.0

The graphics are actually pretty good, it has a very unique look and does a good job paying homage to its roots. The details are nice in the backgrounds too, like a spiders climbing around trees etc...

Gameplay- 7

So its essentially a side scroll beat em up with some action RPG elements likes weapon drops and a rudimentary leveling system. The controls are responsive but it can get a little tough to remember what all of the buttons do at first...however mastery will just take an hour or so. The basic enemies are the standard canon fodder AT TIMES but occasionally they get annoying when fighting a boss. This is my biggest gripe, the boss fights are just flippn' hard sometimes but the caveat is this IF you die and cant revive your partner etc...YOU DONT LOSE the XP you just earned. So as you keep fighting the boss, you can grind up till you do beat them.


I just wish it had more diversity like its arcade counterparts, for example some areas where the screen goes downward like Golden Axe or more set piece moments like TMNT had etc...

I also dislike the way the game handles weapon drops. For one, you have to wait until all the enemies in an area are dead to pick them up. Second, its a fight (with co op)to rush over and press the button to "swap" with one of the in hand weapons. Third its not fair to one player regardless(hope your friends aren't jerks) and fourth IT DOESNT let you pick up certain weapons that you SHOULD Be able to equip... So for example i tried to swap a mace for a fire axe. I had 1 fire axe already i wanted my dual wield to be 2. No matter which hand I picked or which weapon I had as my primary... they could made a better system or just let the characters have an actual inventory. Also its annoying when one player has to wait for the other to do all their leveling--just make the screen split for this sheesh.
Sound- 7.5

The music is good but its just not the kinda get you pumped or stoked. But it really could have been better and the voice acting is kinda weak.

---In conclusion its a good game and worth it ....just have a few things that could have made it better and less the plot which I honestly cant tell you ...