beautiful, but mechanically frustrating.

User Rating: 6 | Sacred 2: Fallen Angel PS3
i haven't played this game very long, and i probably won't play it much more. When i turned on the game for the first time, i said "wow" out loud at the title screen. BEAUTIFUL.

character selection is so-so, and the intro is pretty weak. fights are also mediocre (at least in the beginning). you mash the weapon button over and over, sometimes using a skill or potion. not worth complaining about, except that you miss literally 2/3 of the time. a mob that takes one swing to kill, takes 3-4 swings to hit.

the camera angle reminds me an awful lot of diablo 2 in that you don't see very far in front of you and you constantly have to rely on your map to see where you're going rather than simply seeing it. if you could just pan the angle down to see the gorgeous landscape ahead of you, i'd still be playing it rather than writing this review. glad i only paid $15 because it'll be sitting on my shelf for a while.

if you're desperate for an action rpg, go for it. if you can wait for skyrim, don't bother picking this one up.