If you like Diablo-esque games you will enjoy this.

User Rating: 9 | Sacred 2: Fallen Angel PS3
Every time I go to my local Gamestop I always see this game on the shelves and question it. No one has ever heard anything about it, so taking the risk I finally broke down and bought it (along with Demons Souls and paid off Infamous 2). After installing the game, creating the character and jumping into the world, I realized something. This game is a cross between Diablo and Ultima 7. Fantastic combo I have to say because I was looking for a game similar to Diablo for a long time and I finally found it! The combat is button mashing (which is fine by me) and the map itself is HUGE! The customization and exploration is amazing and there is a ton of quests and side quests to do. The interesting part of this game is the multiplayer. Sacred 2 offers both offline and online multiplayer. Offline mode you and a friend can do the campaign together, he or she can level up their own character from scratch or continue their character if they had one on their account. Online you and up to 9 other people can do the campaign together, fight against each other or just enter the "Free World" mode which is the free roam mode. The replay value is extremely high for this title, much higher than a majority of the games out there. It's sad that this game did not get much hype because it is a terrific game. I never played the first Sacred but you don't really need to since Sacred 2 is a prequel to the first game. Sacred 2 is only about $20 but with everything within the game it is a steal! If you are looking for a classic RPG to play and want something close to Ultima 7 or Diablo then definitely pick this game up. (Also available on Xbox 360 and PC)