User Rating: 10 | Sacred 2: Fallen Angel PC

Endless, is its best description, a continuous endless world to travel in any direction limitsless, full of towns, wilderness, fields, forests, ice, deserts, seas, populated by people and enemies with their own characteristic behaviors and the possibility to customize your own character to the absurd!

What I most like is its environment, its immense world is really beautiful, filled of wind and light effects, people in the towns in their own matters, and unlimited enemies with different behaviors, is funny when a kobold run away scared of me, but skeletons always move slowly toward me.

Sacred 2 was one of my first major games and the one that I liked more. I've been playing it deeply and still playing it from time to time. Today with the Community Patch works like a charm, having even better graphics than the rest of similar games out there.

I just expect to fight in thousands different ways, making unlimited quests, grinding treasures, crafting, and developing my character in that endless open world. Excellent.