I wanted to like this game. Too many bugs. Ended up quitting this game.

User Rating: 3 | Sacred 2: Fallen Angel PC

This is one of my favourite types of games, hack and slash killing, but despite trying to love this game and get into it, I couldn't. Graphics are fine enough for this game, nothing to complain about in that end.

I do complain about the controls though, I found them jerky and unresponsive... but even with that I am willing to give it a try. You couldn't change keybindings or any other options in game unless you quit the game and went to main menu, that makes no sense. I've played some pretty rough games but I'll give them a try as long as it lets me...

Which moves me onto the game breaking point... What really stopped me from playing this and continuing on was the constant crashes I was getting, and everytime I crashed, it would warp me back to the very starting area, even though I had a save right before the place it crashed. I'm not sure why they added physx in this game in a later patch, it looked strange seeing the tacked on effects and it didn't blend that well into the game.

Look I don't have time to try to figure out why or what was causing this game to crash, I have about a thousand other things to do besides this so i'll just vent out my frustrations in this short review and move on. Crashing in games isn't a big deal sometimes if you have a save feature that saves and will reload you to that exact point, but the fact it doesn't is where its game breaking and I will not spend 10 minutes wasting time to get back to an area just to have it crash again...

Jjust wish this had been a hassle free experience and at least been able to play this game... but I remember the original Sacred and it was far from perfect also.

Heres hoping the sequel is much better.