Sabre VR Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Scrap 50 Legendary Weapons. Agonizing
    Destroy 5 SABRES while you are airborne. Air Strike
    Complete 5 matches of Free For All. All for One
    Win 100 matches. Apex Predator
    Complete 5 matches with the Thunderhead. Armored Heavy-Assault Destroyer
    Destroy 100 SABRES with Blasters. Blaster Expert
    Spend 1000000 Credits. Buying Happiness
    Open 100 Weapon Crates. Crate Expectations
    Destroy a Thunderhead while it is Ram Boosting. Free of Charge
    Complete 5 matches with the Prowler. Front Line Hunter-Fighter
    Complete 5 matches with the Ghost. High-Mobility Stealth Interceptor
    Open five Weapon Crates. Hmm, what's this?
    Destroy 100 SABRES. Hunter
    Purchase 50 colors. Kaleidoscopic
    Destroy 300 SABRES. Killer
    Purchase 4 inventory slots. Marsupial
    Destroy 100 SABRES with Missile Pods. Missile Pod Expert
    Destroy 100 targets with Ram. On the nose
    Complete 100 matches of Free For All. One for All
    Purchase 12 inventory slots. Pack animal
    Destroy 100 SABRES with Plasma Cannons. Plasma Cannon Expert
    Destroy 100 SABRES with with Railguns. Railgun Expert
    Purchase 3 colors. Rainbow
    Destroy 50 SABRES. Scavenger
    Open 50 Weapon Crates. Unboxer
    Scrap 100 weapons. Use it or Lose it
    Earn all trophies. You know too much

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold