An excellent atmospheric first person shooter.

User Rating: 9 | S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl PC
First few things:
The game IS excellent
The game IS buggy

Now on with the review. While this is a bit late after the actual game release, I just replayed this so I simply had to review it. It's an extremely unique game that I think shares more in common with Oblivion than Halo 3. It's atmosphere is it's strongest point, it has an extremely bleak feel to it, but this is a good thing. It makes you feel in touch with the horror of the real life accident all those years ago. The gunplay is excellent with a wide variety of guns and weapons you can use. The interface can be clunky at times, so can the 'Collect X in Y time' missions and any of those randomly generated missions. There are some bugs present, which made me have to reload the game a few times. However, despite this, this is an excellent first person shooter which I guarantee, you will love for ages to come.

Unless you hate anything slightly scary.