Button mashing game?

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Watching the gameplay it looks to be just another 'press X' or 'press B' to do a finish someone off type of game. Is this true? I like more of a challenge and not so structured and strict as to how the game flows. Too simple it seems
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After watching the E3 video, it appears that way. I was really hoping some other elements were shown like a strategy aspect (Rome:Total War II) which then focuses on your hero for action. I dislike button mashing, let me play the character like God of War. Looks to be a 5 day rental for me.

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Considering I still play the dynasty warrior games this isn't too big of a deal for me. I just now looked at the game and it won me over on which system I will get first. The ps4 looks sexy and will eventually own it but...the games on it look just ok too me, this on the other hand looks like a fun game I can play, killzone I've never really cared much for and wont get the current one out ever, plus titan fall looks really fun as well.