Not worth paying 5.95$ every month.

User Rating: 6.5 | RuneScape WEB
RuneScape is an interesting MMORPG. It hasn't good graphics, I'd say it has poor graphics but despite its poor graphics it has a very good quest system and it has an huge explorable world full of a great variety of monsters to kill, quests to complete and skills to train. I think it is disappointing because they ask $5.95 a month and the game isn't worth it. I mean, there are many awesome games that you can buy instead of having a RuneScape membership for three months for example. They say this game is free but free users can't access a third of this game. There are only three major cities to explore: Varrock, Lumbridge and Falador and there are only about 30 quests compared to the hundreds of quests members have. I think it is frustrating clicking a door and appearing a window saying you have to be a member to access that area but that's only my opinion. Thanks for your attention and good gaming =D.