IF you can't BUY or DOWNLOAD mmorpgs this is worth it But if you can BUY mmos like WOW don't bother... SERIOUSLY

User Rating: 10 | RuneScape WEB
Runescape (as a lot of gamers know) is an MMO that runs with Java, and is playable from most browsers. Which means you can play it anywhere, anytime.
This game is incredibly good looking for a browser game, it uses java to it's fullest. But it may come across as BAD looking, compared to games like WOW but it's not supposed to be like WOW I mean WOW is like HD compared to this... But that doesn't mean the game itself is BAD.
In fact its my fave browser based RPG ever. Cos it's so addicting and it's also brilliantly popular. The HUGE and I mean HUGE player base can be either a bonus OR a downfall depending on the server and stuff you use.. In some servers for instance, High level players (no lifers in my books) go around calling you a NOOB or swearing at you. But in other servers players are nice and willing to help or trade with you.
The game itself has Quests, and Skills. I'm gonna run through the features now.
QUESTS : quests offer fun, and offer rewarding things to do. though these are often long, and BORING I saw my dude heading around the various towns. just LOOKING for this stuff.
The quests often involve slaying monsters and using the several SKILLS, which I will explain NOW

SKILLS: These range from firemaking, to crafting, and are the base of leveling in the game. You can get up to lvl 99 in every skill.

though many of the Skills are avalible in Free 2 play mode, Members (who pay) can get full access to EVERYTHING in game. which has a WHOLE lotta stuff to do. BUT I don't recomend membership to low level players. IF you have high levels sure go get membership. But it's a total waste of time for low level players cause you'll get slaughtered by the monsters in the member area's. BELIEVE ME I got it when I was lvl 1, and I never actually came out of Lumbridge (the starter area)