So lame

User Rating: 1 | RuneScape WEB
Crappy graphics, click and watch gameplay. you can't even move fluidly, you have to click where you want to go. I played this game for 6 months on and off, don't even bother trying it. Sure there are like 50 million accounts, but they are all 6 year olds who think they are cool. This game is possibly the worst game ever made, and I don't even come close to understanding why anyone would ever play it for any reason. DON"T PLAY THIS GAME... DON"T PLAY THIS GAME... I hope I am getting my message across, it seems fun for the first hour, but that was when they let you trade items at your own will, now they even destroyed their trading mechanic because of 6 year olds who get scammed. Anything about this game that took skill has been removed because jagex doesn't understand what gave the game ANY draw whatsoever. Conclusion, Don't waste your time, worst game I ever have played, and hope to ever play.