Runescape has become a horrible mess

User Rating: 3.5 | RuneScape WEB
When I first started playing Runescape about 6 years ago it was borderline revolutionary. An entirely browser based MMO game was pretty much unheard of at that stage and the game was a blast. Training skills was fun, but the best part of the game was the trading of items in order to gain large sums of money without having to complete repetitive tasks.

Once you had money you could but strong items and risk it all by fighting other players in the wilderness. I played the game for a while and managed to reach combat LVL 60, which at the time was quite good, however stopped playing the game around 2006 when i turned 13 and grew tired of it.

Recently, when I was extremely bored I decided to fire up the old Runescape and see how the game was going. I was disgusted. The introduction of trade limits, meaning that a player can only trade items for a small amount above or below their assigned value meant that making money off trading was nigh on impossible anymore. Add to that the removal of the wilderness and you had a wtf moment.

The reason behind these changes was that people complained about how they were scammed out of high value items for less money and killed unfairly in the wilderness. It seems Jagex decided to make the game more noob friendly.

Now the best ways to make money in the game are through things like sitting and clicking on a tree for several hours in order to get logs and sell them or other such menial tasks that require absolutely no skill or thought. That's where the game has become bad, you don't have to be even slightly smart to be good at Runescape, you just have to have a lot of spare time, and trust me, some people have A LOT of spare time.

Almost everyone around me was level 100+ which is insane because it took a long time to get to 60 and the scale of time required to lvl increases at a very high exponential rate, for example, leveling for 98 - 99 required as much XP as leveling for 1-74. Pretty much everyone in the game is an excessively high level and the only way to get your level up is to participate in these menial tasks for weeks on end and that is also the only way to make money as well.

Quests give you absolutely nothing and money off trading is impossible therefore time really does = money and skill or thought does not. Another huge problem is hacks. Why would I even consider spending so much time leveling my character when I could simply apply a bot to do it for me? Everywhere you go there are bots earning huge sums of money for the cheating players and there is nothing you can do about it.

So, overall Runescape has very little to offer but addiction to a terribly unrewarding game. I have seen people waste hundreds of days, thats right hundreds of days playtime just to reach level 99 of a skill or skills that pretty much mean nothing considering there are thousands of people who have done the same by that time and your achievements only show you spent a lot of time on the game, not that you had any skill. So avoid Runescape if you can and give a good slap on the head to anyone you know who plays it because it is simply terrible.