A great game with lots of quests which tend to be better than other MMOs, lots of options and weekly updates.

User Rating: 10 | RuneScape WEB
(This is a member's report of the game. I will not talk only about the F2P part of the game, but the whole thing itself.)

Let me start off by saying that this game is really under-appreciated. It's not for the impatient kind of people. MMORPG - this means a Massively Multiplayer online role-playing game (which this game is), so be prepared to train and develop your character with various skills (25 of them). 6 of them are combat skills and the rest are various other casual skills.

I have been playing this game for about 5 years on and off without being bored too much. The only time I DO get bored is when I over-play the game, which is why I give time to other games as well. But after a small break (perhaps a week), I'm back into playing this game.

What I REALLY like about this game are the quests! ESPECIALLY the new ones. Of course, there are quests in this game that I really despise, but some like the Tales of the Mahjarrat, the Elven tales and the Goblin storyline ESPECIALLY THE VOID KNIGHT SERIES are just AWESOME. Many players tend to ignore this part of the game mistaking it for the regular World of Warcraft half-hearted type quests like "KILL PIG AND BRING MEAT TO ME".

The story in RuneScape includes a wide speculating base of players on forums and in-game. It can get as serious as those stories of games like some Final Fantasy games and as casual as those Mario games. Not to mention many quests add humor by adding lots of references to many popular things (for example Rick Roll! Or even something related to games like Monkey Island! The 'ring of fire' song. There are LOTS of popular things that people look at which are quoted in quests).

Other than that, it may get monotonous to train skills by doing them OVER and OVER again, but no one told you to stick to doing it, so you can do other things. RuneScape is FULL of variety.

I shall conclude by saying that many of the RuneScape players tend to overlook the great parts of the game like quests (they don't even bother to read the dialogue and just skim through! Some use guides just to get the heck over with it). I personally think this game needs a lot more relevance and people should try give it a chance.