RuneScape's only big flaw is it's dated graphics.

User Rating: 8.5 | RuneScape WEB
(+) lots of skills that can be trained, lots of different types of characters can be created in this game, the game does not have to be downloaded, addictive gameplay.

(-) dated visuals

When you first play the game you create an account with a user-name and password and you pick what your character will look like. After that you help Sir Vant slay Roddeck's pet dragon because the dragon trapped Roddeck in his cupboard. After you complete that quest you can train combat skills defense, attack, constitution(HP), Strength, Magic, and Range or you can train one of the non combat skills like woodcutting which is cutting trees for experience. Your combat level is based on the combat skills that you have the highest like if you have high attack strength and defense but, low range and magic it will be melee based.

You can also do quests which give you access to better gear like rune plate-body and if you are a member stuff like a dragon scimitar. Questing also enables you too have a bigger trade limit so you can for instance take more free stuff than you can before.
In order to make some money in RuneScape you can sell items at the Grand Exchange(recommend), sell stuff at shops, or sell stuff through trade.

The controls in this game are basic you use the mouse for just about everything expect for changing the camera angel with the arrow keys. Combat is also simple you fight the enemy until you kill it, die, runaway, run out of runes, or run out of arrows. Your character will automatically fight which may be why not everyone can get into this game. When you level up a skill it will take a bit more experience to level it again eventually it will take pure determination to raise a skill because they will require an insane amount of experience to level. When your character gets low on health you can eat food to recover lost health which can be obtained be cooking fish and other stuff.

The graphics are a bit dated the character models look like they are last generation the environments are a little better looking though. The monsters you fight in this game for experience look like they should they don't have quite as much of a last generation look to them. The music in this game is okay because the music in the game seems to get old fast.

This game is good just that there may be some people out there that think it is too simplistic so it depends after all this game is free so you can at least give it a try.