Click, click and some guy attempting to hack your account. What fun, eh?

User Rating: 1.5 | RuneScape WEB
Really, this game may be free, but as if you cant tell why. They're is no skill to this game, no keys you need to press, no learning curve. Aside from attempting to socialize with people, and clicking your mouse over and over again just to move 10 feet in front of you, there's pretty much nothing else as far as interactivity goes. The graphics are awful, and the music is as irritating as listening to some cheap Nokia mobile ringtone.

As for the community; nothing but a bunch of level 60+ tryhards calling you 'n00b' over and over, and failing that, they poorly attempt to hack your account by literally asking for all your login details. The servers are usually too laggy to bear, and you're lucky if you're even able to connect to a server half of the time.

And the cheek of it all, is that this game actually wants you to pay real money to get some new features, such as new clothes or access to certain restricted areas that free members are usually denied.

Basically, if you're not a paying member, you're stuck with the dregs of the game that nobody else wants.

They're much better 'free' online games out there on the internet, but just try to avoid this one. A poor World of Warcraft clone that fails in every aspect.