runescape rocks :)

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one of my favorite games of my life was runescape since the day i have found that game i couldnt stop playing becouse of these few reasons.

1-the game is feeling like an a real andventure, one that theres millions of u can make a sertain character that avoids defence or other combat skills to be low combat so he can fight with lower levels that those not have the same statts like person A has 99 strengh and 80 attack and his def is 1.Person b has 70 str 75 att 79 defence and are the same level so that fellas is called a ''pure account''

the second type of account is called a skiller so ahem... a skiller is a type of character that does not train combat skills and only the pussy ones like mining where u can hit a rock for a few hours and get a a shit tone of ore. You can sell that ore for a hafty amount but u can olso train ''smithing'' where you magicaly can carry 100 kg of ore and turn it to bars in a few seconds and bang it with a hammer in an anvill to make a like a adamant platebody that u can sell for 15k and make shitload of profit

Now i heard ''but what shop can i sell it too'' the anwser is not to a shop more like a real person yes u can go to the ''grand exchange'' put your million chain males so u can sale them for 500 gp(gold peaces) and when another player wants a better chain male they can see that offer and give 500 gp and get that stupid armor.

Now one of the most important pussy skills is cooking without that players will need to wait 5 years to heal 2 hitpoints so they can kill that stupid little chicken so they can steal from the lifeless body of the little chicken and take there bones and i heard u say ''dork for **** sake they want to take there bones'' well its for jesus ofcourse so they can barry them and get 5 xp prayer

so with cooking u can make shit into burn shit and ocationaly cooked shit so when u cook stuff (it deppends on your level)theres always a chance of actually cooking a raw shit.all truth to be tolled cooking is a skill where u can cook raw food and turn them into cooked food so u can sell it for profit becouse players can use it to heal themselfs and the better the level the better food u can cook for an a example on level one u can cook only shrimps and when u cook them you gain xp and u gain level. for another example on level like 59 you can cook monkfishes that heal 16 hitpoints

and sell it for even more profit

so now the other skill is ect. ect noob shit blah blah blah u get the idea skillers are pussies but they can have fun olso somehow with this restriction u can even be killed by a fucking rat for god sake and they cant fight it becouse when they do damage they gain so everywhere is a dangeroes place u can be at lubridge sellar searching cabbages for a way to heal themselfs and bam they find a rat and it deals damage so the pussy ahem.. skiller is kinda fucked and this is it for the skiller.

the 3th account is called an iron men, dont worry they can wear different set of armor exept iron so the real elephend in the room is the ...restriction yes when you are an iron men you cant trade or steal from players (when they are dead they cant take their items when they are dead).so they cant like buy 28 bones so they can train there prayer so they need to take the hard way they need to buy from the shops gear that they need witch most of the times its expencive as shit becouse they can buy only when there not over stocked witch means that another player have sold that kind of gear from this shop so they need to take the hard way again and pay more money.olso there like 3 more types of **** heads ahem... i mean outsiders i mean iron men sorry the cringe when i make this review is upseenly high

so the second edgelord is called hardcore and that means they can die only once and they will be switched to an standard **** head its the same shit.the third is called ultimate iron men and u need to be a sociopath to play on this mode becouse u cant use banks and thats the only way you can store items i know it sounds dump but there allot of banks in runescape. so they have only 30 something icluding there gear setup so yea ummm i will get depressed if i talk for this soo0oo0ooo.......... moving on

the third is group iron men well its not an option by jagex but its a well its an a interesting way of playing the game where u find a friend or more (if u have) and u give yourself the restriction to trade only amongs each other and share there loot and resourses like one fuckhead can make potions and other goods for the group while the other one makes gear for them like swords warhammers body armor ect. another shithead where they can be the mage boi and makes special magic amulets where u can teleport to some places like u can enchant a dragonstone so u can make a amulet of glory that gives u a good bonuses (10+in all combat stats) and have 6 charges where u can teleport to al kharid edgeveil and other places and thats. and there allot more account paths but this are the coolest ones.


2-the economy is play're baist and items change prices however they have for an a example there 5m rannar weeds and there 6k coins and theres this shithead who farmed like idk 7m of those somehow and the price has devawered with like 4k and now potions that required a rannar weed are much cheaper becouse of the price change ect.

3-it doesnt look like a cheap wow or diablo knock off

the game has a sertain feel about becouse of the simple graphics so that means that devs do not need 7k hours to make each fucking npc so they can give more time on the quests or the personalitys of the npc

4-quest rocks!!!!!

the quest are one of the most cool only for one thingthey are not like kill x amount of creatures and that shit there with stories characters and other bullshit that need requirements and setain items for this quest and that it needs time like u talk to a desert king and he tells u to rescue his sun u dont go there and just kill everything on your path u need to make a plan and collect data and information