Old School Runescape*

User Rating: 2 | RuneScape WEB

I could probably go on for a very long describe in detail what i feel is wrong with this game but ill try to make it short instead.


Grand Exchange, It kill the good old player market and lead to an inflated market. in my opinion something that made the game a bit to easy and quite boring that you would not be interacting with other players.

Old school game but with new content? New content isn't always necessary a bad thing. But when it speeds up the game a lot and makes it less of a challenge it quite devalue all current content. and that is in my opinion why this is a concern rather then a good thing. the game just don't feel old school beside the graphics.

Mini Games, For as long i can remember i have wish that if they should make new content they would at least give us something that we could enjoy like Shooting star, Stealing Creation. not saying it should be that specific. But if take look at Shooting star that is something that would require one to check for when next star would be up, perfect mini game for make a few players work together to find the star as fast as possible and then after share it. That is in my opinion a great aspect this game needs could be lots of other things rather then a star. Where on other hand Stealing Creation where the first appreciated mini game where skiller could easy fit in.

Bots, This is quite easy to say the hardest part to debate, This is for sure one of the biggest problems for players who enjoyed the gathering skills such as Mining & Woodcutting etc as these things are the more easy for bots to do and make gold of there for the real players would end up suffer from either less materials for there time spend or less gold earned or simply both. Bots would also be able to do combat that where not to complicated as well.

Bonds: Pay 2 Win, As much as these things are a nice addition for those who think the game isn't quite worth the monthly cost, i do as many others feels this is absolutely wrong. This does not battle the issue of Real World Trading at all it only makes some of the money go into JAGEX pockets rather then someone else, and in worst case makes it legal to cheat in term of progress.

RSBuddy: Unofficial client with lots of benefit that some would debate is an unfair advantage towards anyone who does not use that same client. Why this client is allowed i have no idea. one would think if those features was needed so badly they would of added it to there own official client themself but no?, Why would one want there costumers to chose someone else client and one with extra benefits even?


The game can be played for free including member benefits if you wish to put some work towards earn bonds.

Its very easy to get started due to the amount of gold that is in the game already, just by selling some of the more common items that none are farming any more one can even buy some boss loot on market place for in-game gold without ever beat the content yourself.

Conclusion: If you liked Runescape Pre: Evolution of Combat, you may like it as it currently is, however are you more into the more old school style and theme of 2006 - 2007 and without to many op items and easy way and cheap ways to level you might be greatly disappointed

Hope this review is somewhat useful best regards Iflon