As long as still have a decent way to make runescape gold

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what part of hes doing it for money you didnt get fucking asshole. in fact, the only one who doesnt even know how to fucking spell is you.. go get back to the school kid

As long as certain methods stay profitable, and training skills stay cheap, I couldn't care less about botters. As long as I still have a decent way to make money, and botters don't get in the way of it, I honestly do not care.

IP Changer is a tell tale sign you are botting. using a VPN is a good idea with Dynamic IP but when you are changing your IP and logging in from a different IP at every login, it is flagged for a hacked runescape account, in which Jagex then investigates. When they realize that you are botting, they ban you. Source: ex P-Mod. Get the ingame runescape gold, Power leveling and useful Guides for Runescape on

it was not a verry good runescape account , something like 76range, 74attk, 86str and shit, but i have used alot of time in the acc's :D and eoc already fucked it up

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