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User Rating: 10 | Runes of Magic PC
When I went to the game site I just said "Oh my, there's another WoW copier." But now that I have been playing the game for 1 week, I can officially say that it is NOT a WoW copier, but it's something more. You see, this game has a feature like no other free-to-play games I've played (except for Anarchy Online, also a F2P game), this game has the feature of owning your own in-game home. You can arrange the furniture any way you want to, and to buy furniture, it doesn't cost ANYTHING. Just in-game money, of course. One con that the game has, like all free-to-play mmorpgs, the cash shop. In order to upgrade your house, you will need to spend some money. Not much money, though, around $6.00 if you want to put in a little feature in called "energy" which invests the amount of time you spend in the house resting into extra features for the house. This feature is a one time pay-to-use feature, but it's not a must. In fact, you don't need to use the cash shop to do ANYTHING in this game. Unless you wanted a little more fun than they offer, (I've never felt like using the cash shop one time) you will find that the cash shop is just a small thing compared to the rest of the game. There are tons of quests which really halt the huge grind you see in other games. In this game, there is ALWAYS a quest for you, no matter what level you are. Give the game a try, it's worth it...AND MORE.