Runes of magic. The "poor mans" WoW.

User Rating: 5 | Runes of Magic PC
Ok lets get this straight off. This game is a WoW clone. Plain and simple. Buts its not just a clone, its an inferior clone in Stewie Griffin made to do his chores. It tries so hard, but fails miserably.

Now, can I appreciate that they are trying to capitalize on what makes WoW the #1 MMORPG? Ya. Can I appreciate that pretty much all games are essentially the same (kill stuff, do quests, gather stuff, make stuff, rinse and repeat) and that this game is simply suffering from "Simpsons did it" syndrome? Sure. But the way the pull it off is just so God awful.

#1 Blatant rip offs from WoW. I can understand abilities can only come in so many flavors. Am I holding it against them they they have direct heals, direct damages, and DoTs? No, of course not, thatd be stupid. But lets take an ability their PRIEST class has. "Wave Armor" "Casts a shield of holy spring water that absorbs up to 50 points of damage" Wow, that sounds kinda like Power Word : Shield doesn't it? And there are plenty of examples of things like that. Also, theres a quest called "Legends of Taborea" its a quest where you must recover pages of a book, to complete the chapters, to restore the book. Oh, and these pages are dropped randomly by mobs in this zone. Sounds like an awful lot like "The green hills of stranglethorn" in WoW. Pathetic.

#2 Very unkind to newbies. RoM may have great endgame content. But, I may never know. Cause I'm not going to try to get there anymore. But I can imagine newbies dropping this game because its very harsh on them. It seems like every other quest is a group quest. But it doesn't tell you that this is a group quest, and that this monster wont just be a bit harder, it will be like a raid boss in its damage output and hit points. And not like 2 or 3 people group quest. You will need 6(thats a full party in RoM) to take down one of these, for a mediocre at best reward.

#3 The crafting is tedious, and very unrewarding (at least at low levels). First you have to gather materials, and no matter what crafting profession you choose to focus on, you will have to gather two kinds of materials. Not a problem, right? Except this process is very tedious and time consuming. Lets say you wana craft some armor "Armor Craft". Its separate from "black smithing" which makes weapons. Ok, annoying, but different. But first you need mats. So, you go out to find a zinc ore node, click on it, start gathering. It harvests 1 thing at a time, with a 5 second cast for each gathering attempt. Snore. Then you have to find a town or a camp with the proper tools (blacksmithing tools) to now smelt your zinc ore, into zinc sand. And it cant be convenient like in other games where typically anvils and forges are right next to each other. These crafting tools can often be on other sides of the camp or city. 2 ore ---> 1 sand. Again, it does this one at a time, with a 5 second cast for each smelt. More snore. Then you take your mats to the armor crafting station. And start crafting. Crafting stuff takes mats plus actual gold per making. This will usually sell for a net profit to a vendor, but whats the point of making it cost gold to make? So, you make your stuff, level up, learn some new recipes. Cool right? Wrong. Cause now at about level 5 crafting, things start taking "runes" in the recipe. Each and every single recipe after this point will require one. How do you acquire the runes? By killing specific monsters or buying them from the item shop. Now, the drop rate of these runes arent horrible, but you need SOOOO many to advance to the next level. Even if you make the hardest thing you can for that level, it exponentially takes more and more to level. So you will need tons of these. Lame.

#4 Leveling is **** Like, slower than it took to get to 60 in vanilla WoW. It can take days just to fill up just a few bars of experience since at higher levels take millions of exp to get through.

#5 Its not really a poor mans WoW. Its not so much as a "poor mans WoW" as it is a "crappy attempt at WoW with an item shop that you will need to use unless you want a very slow, boring game experience". People tell me that you will have to buy tons of EXP and TP(talent point) potions to make your leveling and skill generation experience somewhat bearable. And it doesn't end up being cheap. It can be more than the monthly sub for WoW.

#6 Gold buying is legal. In a sense, it is. You can buy "Diamonds" which are the item shop currency for real life cash. Then sell those for gold in the game. And they don't care. That is unless they cant profit from it. Apparently people steal credit cards and pay pal accounts and use them to get "runes" (Or gems in WoW) sell the runes for gold, then sell the gold for cash. This will apparently get you banned. Now, I can understand discouraging the market for getting items obtained from stolen credit cards. Thats legitimate. But its clear the only reason they even care is cause they get stuck with losing money due to fraud, and not being able to profit off someone selling gold. Since they dont care if someone buys diamonds and then sells them for gold.

All in all, runes of magic is terrible. Could someone argue that its the "best" FTP MMORPG?. Sure. But thats not saying much.

So. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone if they have any other option. If you are working 40 hours a week, and still flat broke and want an MMORPG to play....then this might work for you. But if you've got 15 bucks to spare, spend it on something else.