Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Easy Money

    1.Accept any Delivery Quest.
    2.Talk to the one who requested and get the item.
    3.Cancel the request and accept again
    4.Repeat steps 2-3 until satisfied
    5.Sell the items

    Contributed by: G_LeVeL 

  2. Easy money and cooking skill

    If you buy milk from Lily or odette at the inn for 120G and go to the pot in the kitchen and make hot milk you can sell it for 210G

    Contributed by: Firefox10203 

  3. Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny; Playstation 3 Trophy List

    Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

    Successfully land a fish. Beginning Angler
    Successfully craft an item. Beginning Crafter
    Successfully salvage 10 items. Beginning Salvager
    Achieve repeat victories in the colloseum. Champion
    Lift the stone curse from the Earth Temple. Earth Temple Cleared
    Fail at cooking one time. Failed Chef
    Lift the stone curse from the Fire Temple. Fire Temple Cleared
    Catch a cold 100 times. Germ Factory
    Defeat 10 giant monsters. Giant Battler
    Defeat 30 giant monsters. Giant Destroyer
    Defeat 20 giant monsters. Giant Slayer
    Win a battle in the colloseum. Gladiator
    Find out what's wrong with the Plant Golem and get him working again. Golem Repairman
    Stay awake until you collapse at 5AM. Insomniac
    Use the Plant Golen to riase an island out of the sea. Island Raiser
    Raise all of the islands out of the sea. Island Savior
    Perform a double-jump 500 times. Jumping for Joy
    Defeat the Legendary Golem. Legendary Golem Defeated
    See the true face of the man in the mask. Masked Man Revealed
    Successfully land 2000 fish. Master Angler
    Successfully craft 1500 items. Master Crafter
    Successfully salvage 30 items. Master Salvager
    Defeat 100 monsters. Monster Battler
    Defeat 1500 monsters. Monster Destroyer
    Defeat 500 monsters. Monster Masher
    Earn the goodwill of many residents on Fenith Island. Most Popular
    COnsume 100 recovery drinks. Overmedicated
    Successfully land 1000 fish. Professional Angler
    Successfully craft 800 items. Professional Crafter
    Get to the bottom of why Sprout Island turned to stone. Rock Hard Riddle
    Earn all trophies. Rune Factory Master
    Defeat 3000 monsters. That Which Monsters Fear
    Defeat 5000 monsters. That Which Monsters Flee
    Listen to Maerwen's explanation about trophies. Trophies 101
    Successfully land 300 fish. Veteran Angler
    Successfully craft 300 items. Veteran Crafter
    Successfully salvage 20 items. Veteran Salvager
    Lift the stone curse from the Water Temple. Water Temple Cleared

    Contributed by: khaos67 

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Cheats For Wii

  1. Bulletin Board Request Item Duplication

    1) Accept a Bulletin Board request that gives you an item before completing the quest (such as delivery requests). 2) Work upon the request until you receive the item you want to duplicate. 3) Instead of completing the request, go back to the Bulletin Board and cancel the request. 4) The item you were given during the request remains in your inventory. 5) Accept the same request and repeat these steps as many times as you want. Note: Do not complete the request until you're completely finished duplicating the item.

    Contributed by: Elysium_Warrior 

  2. Unlimited money

    You need to complete Lily's first request to have some start up money for this to work, and make sure someone is selling items at the bar. Preferably Lily or Electra, for the access to Ice Cream. 1) Buy all the milk you can.for 120g 2) Cook it into Hot Milk at the inn's kitchen. 3) Sell it back to the store for 200g. 4) Buy Ice Cream as needed to replenish RP. Rinse and repeat until you are satisfied or bored. Note: This can be somewhat game breaking, because on the very first day you can easily exploit this cheat to be able to afford all House Upgrades, any armor, weapon, crafting material, or medicine you want, and because the whole cheat takes place in the inn time will not pass while doing it.

    Contributed by: SomaFan