The RuneFactory serie is back, now on nintendo wii

User Rating: 8.5 | Rune Factory Frontier WII
Rune factory Frontier brings back some characters of its antecessor, but this version is exclusive for nintendo wii. You play as Raguna, who looking for a missing girl. That missing girl turns out to be Mist, who has moved to a new town because someone is calling to her in her dreams. Raguna moves into the town as well, living in the house next to her with a field. Then Raguna finds out that the whale island in the sky is in danger of falling on the town, and his mission is to prevent this catastrophe
Like in the oder games of the serie, you can grow your farm, planting each vegetable on its own season, or in the caves, which have the climate apropriate to it grown there. Another feature is the concept of Runey distribution. Runeys come in four different variations: water, rock, tree and grass. Runeys represent the ecosystem of the game; when Runeys are in perfect harmony, the area that they occupy reaches a state of Prosperity, and crops in that area will grow much faster than normal.

You have a variety of weapons, and you can tame monster and use them on your own. Like in the other games, you have, along with the mission of save whale island, the mission of create your own family, getting married with one of the bachelorettes of the city.
Rune Factory frontier is a great game, using j-rpg style, and you can continue playing after completing the main history.