it's a fun game but gets boring after a while so in a second opinion its more like a 7.25

User Rating: 9 | Rune Factory Frontier WII
All together its an addicting game but its to easy to get money and if your like me you screw up to easy then you hit a lot of hard spots in the easiest games in the world. but this ones better then some in its series cause of its Runey system and stuff i also like the fact that the main stories not to long because i hate games that take like 100 hours to get past the main story it gets boring so i recommend this game especially to harvest moon fans. But that is not all theres also the fact it takes to long to load like mysims and hated that but i do like the fact that you can marry people and i also like the forging its easy to level it up so is becoming a shef. The game had pretty good graphics and for a wii game thats not the easiest thing to find. Ya graphics are good when fighting monsters and then monster pets are awesome so if you like having wolves for pets then you'll like this game.