Easy to get a handle on the game play but being god isn't as much fun as one might think.

User Rating: 8.5 | Rune Factory Frontier WII
Rune Factory Frontier for the Wii, is a wonderful game especially if you are already a fan of the Run Factory series. This one continues with the character and game play we've all come to know and love, with a few additions here and there.

First I will discuss the game play in this game. The game play is basically like what we all know and love you farm, you battle monsters, you forge, you fish, and you adventure. This makes it easy to pick up the game and just go about playing and enjoying. However, one of the new added things is sucking up and tending to "spirits" which are these little critters that float around making everything very colorful. Now these little critters ruined the game for me you see if you let these things die then your crops grow but you lose a good part of them. However, trying to keep them balanced is a full time job often times you're spending almost the entire day balancing the "spirits" rather then exploring, forging, battling, or hooking up with the girl of your dreams. This one little aspect of the game made it quite hard for me to enjoy personally.

The characters are wonderful as we get to see some nice returns from the previous Rune Factory game, with some nice new characters giving us a nice rounded and interesting choice to pick from. I find this very nice and refreshing when you get a chance to talk to these characters. It's nice to have characters that all over the board from certifiably nuts to honorable and practically everything in between.

Everything is fairly similar to the original the fishing and forging however, being able to actually make the action is quite fun and makes it more enjoyable. However, it's nice to just spend time fishing or forging that perfect item for the girl you're swooning for, that is when you have the time.

The graphics are quite nice and seeing your newly forged items show up on the girls you give them to is very nice. Especially when you put some of those new items on yourself, it is nice to see your hard work now being seen. The dungeons are beautiful graphic wise and I love how each fits and shows their season quite well, for the most part. I do however miss those signs that told you exactly what season was this dungeon but not to hard to figure it out MOST of the time.

All in all a decent game but the constant watch and balancing of the "spirits" is a downer and personally ruins the game for me. If you don't mind playing God with little time or rushing to do everything else then this is more the game for you.