Rune Factory Frontier is loaded with content that will keep you busy for weeks if not months on end.

User Rating: 8.5 | Rune Factory Frontier WII
While many refer to Rune Factory as just a spin-off of the harvest moon series, I believe Rune Factory does enough to differentiate itself from HM to be recognized for its merits.

The concept of Rune Factory will be very familiar for fans of the HM series, a young man finds himself in an idyllic fantasy setting for one reason or another. The player is then introduced to a farm that needs his/her in some shape or form and from there they begin their new life. However, in the Rune Factory series you are not limited to farming alone. Rune factory also throws some light dungeon crawling into the mix to differentiate itself.

While this might seem like an odd combination of elements, it works out better than you might think. Farming takes on the same addictive nature that is a staple in the HM series, and the dungeon crawling - while very basic - provides a great change of pace and an increase in challenge that you might not expect.

Rune Factory also features a ton of skills that can be leveled up, as well as a complex crafting system that allows you to create new weapons, tools, consumables etc.

On top of all that, relationships with the various villagers must be maintained in order to advance some elements of the story. All of the characters are a delight to interact with, and feature unique personalities and quirks to help keep things interesting.

While the graphics might not be the greatest on the system (this is a Wii game we are talking about here), the art direction is very unique and the characters all sport a well designed, hand-drawn anime style.

A lot of Frontier's charm lies in how relaxing the game is to play. The music compliments the very soft nature of the game well, and the peaceful setting of Trampoli is icing on the cake.

In summary, Frontier is not for everyone. Don't expect kill streaks or high octane excitement with this game. But if you approach this game with an open mind, and a willingness to try something new; I think you might be surprised by just how much time you will spend with this game.