One Pretty good game.

User Rating: 2 | Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon DS
Well, the game doesn't grab my attenchion as the a game i would want to play when i fist pick up my DS for the day, but once i do start playing it i'll play it for hours on end. I find it kinda hard, but i'm really bad at RPG's so it would probably be really easy for the true gamer. I find it sorta hard to Beat the monsters but growing crops and making relationships with the townspeople is alot easyier. I like how you can grow crops all year long in the caves. that is awesome because then you could grow that fruit that you love interest likes all year round. I Myself wouldn't pay full price for this game but you should for sure buy it used. it just isnt worth full price on how much i enjoyed it because after a while the game gets pretty boring. or at least thats how i feel because i cant get passed the first cave(level). It is diffently the hardest Harvest Moon yet.