This game made me feel...dirty!

User Rating: 7.2 | Rumble Roses PS2
Once again Konami proves that when it comes to programming works of art they are the best graphicly. Anyway, you probably already know this game's selling point: hot women! If you are a guy like me that is nuts for hot women then your in for a treat. The selection is varied and the character models are top notch. Games like this shouldn't look this good on the PS2 but Konami makes it happen.The gameplay is pretty decent since you have more control than the idiotic DOA Beach Volley ball and if given time there will be times you will actually need skill and technique. The dialogue and stories are dumb though but, in this case it does not matter when there are big boobs bouncing around right? Hell, I just played the game mostly to see what revealing costumes I could see next or what dirty wrestling moves I could pull off. Then there's the mud wrestling matches....... MAN I FEEL SO BAD! Still, this is the kind of experience I like that keeps me boycotting Gamecube's kid crap. Not much else to say about RR except I love beautiful women, T&A, Anethesia, Bloody shadow and WWE wrestling still sucks!

Pros: Women, T&A, Women, Great graphics, Women, solid gameplay/control and T&A

Cons: Dumb stories and dialog, limited concept

THE FINAL WORD: If you don't mind oogling hot videogame women that control nicely, pick this game up. Other than that this game is really isn't anything special.