Ahhh women rolling around and touching eachother....young boy's dreams are finally coming true on the ps2

User Rating: 6.5 | Rumble Roses PS2
Where do I start? The abnormal amounts of ass shots? The horrid dialouge? The "season" mode that requires you to finish it in one sitting, the complete lack of creating characters...or the actual suprising good fighting system?

Well this game actually plays a lot like a true wrestling game, but you have to tred through some serious piles of crap to get there. Ridiculous dialouge which makes you want more ass shots, and then you get tons of ass shots and you wonder if you would have been off buying $50 worth of porn or even a rubber doll...oh wait this game is for people under 18...thats why it sells, its the closest thing to porn they can get!

The gameplay is actually pretty solid, but compared to say, Raw vs. Smackdown 2006, the game sucks. It's not deep, you can't create anyone, you can't do ANYTHING except wrestle in 2 locations or fight through "season" mode which leads you through horrid "feuds" and you wind up fighting the same bodd everytime.

Do not but this game. Rent it.