Rumble Roses does what it intends to do VERY well.Very fetish friendly.

User Rating: 8.2 | Rumble Roses PS2
Konami/Yukes has done a great job making a new wrestling cast that has nothing to do with the WWE.And a great game also.Rumble Roses is theater wrestling at its finest.

The game is far from perfect,but it was never made to be perfect.What IT is however is a arcade-like wrestler with amazing graphics,killer on the PS2.The mechanics play a lot like some of the older WWE PS2 games.I don't know why people say those WWE games are better.Because there not.The mechanics are dead on to that franchise,but this game is attractive and has different and likeable characters.

Most of the moves are very head turning,and fun to watch.This is what makes it feel arcade like.A lot of the moves can feel unrealistic.Especially the girl's special moves,but there fun to use,and most of them are really cool.I have also never wanted to use submission moves before in wrestling games.But in RR thats all I want to use,because the moves are so darn sexy.Especially with the girl's expressions when they get squeezed.

There is a new wrestling feature called the "Vow System".Which lets you pull off different stunts such as using your special often will make you more a of a crowd pleasing baby face.Or change to your alter ego by doing the opposite,such as using a lot of cheap weapons.You will become a heel.And when your characters switch from bad and good they will changes there costume and personality.Its a cool feature,and is encouraged for the future.

One thing the game does wrong is replay value.There is only single fights in mud and in the ring and story mode.Story Mode sucked for most people.I however enjoyed it.The voice acting is very robotic and hard to like at times.So that docks sound points.

The graphics in Rumble Roses are very detailed.From there in pain expressions to there well crafted bodies,Rumble Roses is a show piece for the PS2.Shame there is soo much clipping.But its forgetable.

I love the ring entrances,complete with a good sounding song in each.All the entrances are unique and kinda neat.You will have fun watching these.

Overall Rumble Roses is a great wrestler that misses some keynotes,but hits the chorus perfectly.Rumble Roses is great for anyone who likes wrestling and of course head turning girls.At the current 9.99 price tag,you can not go wrong with picking this one up.