Want some good, not-so-clean fun? Pick up this bouquet of roses.

User Rating: 8 | Rumble Roses PS2
I've never been a big fan of professional wrestling. I'm going to say that right here and now. When people talk about the WWE, I don't care. And yet, I'm highly amused by Rumble Roses and it's for all the reasons the game exists in the first place.

Let's face it, no one picked up this game thinking about gameplay, they picked it up thinking about girls in sexy outfits tossing each other around the ring.

As that angle goes, Rumble Roses is a close second to Dead or Alive. No matter who you are, chances are there's at least one girl in this game you're going to think is sexy. And let's just come out and say it. The game looks great. The graphics are top of the line and the sound is sharp.

Despite my ignorance of wrestling in general, I found I caught onto this game fairly quickly. This is definitely a plus in the game's favor. The character variety is a tad on the skimpy side. Konami has given two "personas" to each character to make it look like there are twice as many girls. (All the personas can be unlocked in Story Mode, but in the Exhibition Mode you only have one available persona at a time no matter what.)

What's the game missing? Well, some variety in the matches would be nice. The "Mad Mud Match" is the only real variation. If DOA2: Hardcore could have a half dozen playing modes, why not Roses? I was also praying for a Japanese language option since most of the English voice actors kinda suck (Bianca Allen as Reiko is an exception). As for the Story Mode, I can assure you that you'll be rolling your eyes over and over again.

Still, for a game that wants to deliver sexy girls grappling, Rumble Roses delivers. Pick up a copy cheap and you can use it as a nice time killer between more serious games.