A sexy, fun wrestling game with some major flaws.

User Rating: 6 | Rumble Roses XX X360
RRXX offers superbly animated female characters duking it out and offers some side content, similar to DOA:BV. Female gamers could find this game empowering while male gamers could... well, moving along...

The graphics and animation are excellent, though I personally find fault with the stereotypical aspect that every character sports boobs of approximately the same large size and shape, as well as cookie-cutter physiques.

Additional game content includes the availability of additional outfits and bathing suits, though the selection is small and very cookie-cutter. Side-activities like the pool games and the photo ops showed potential but sadly fell short. A game option allows you to select a "punishment" served to the loser of a custom match. Nice concept, but the "punishments tend to be terribly male-chauvinistic and juvenile, or just plain lame.

The gameplay also suffers from poor design. The characters offer a large assortment of special moves, although some of those moves favor cleavage shots over practicality. In addition, the execution of special moves triggers beautifully rendered cinematic sequences which unfortunately interrupt the gameplay. Quirky flaws in the controls regarding blocking and reversing attacks also detracts from overall enjoyment of the game.

Another bad aspect is the fact that you cannot win a set number of matches to earn a title shot or play a special match to unlock characters, it simply happens randomly.

This game could have been great, but falls very short.