Beautiful gaming girls wrestle their way to championship titles.

User Rating: 7.5 | Rumble Roses XX X360
Rumble Roses XX is hours and hours of mindless fun! Of the fighting type games it is probably the best you'll ever find. There really is no plot, just wrestle match after match to win the titles that include single, tag team, threesomes, and four foursomes matches. The controls are easy to use and the characters have many special moves to pin their opponents.

The graphics are tremendous and focus on the characters; these beautiful women can be played with "as is" or can be dressed in a variety of costumes in many colors (more available on line) and can be "physically enhanced" to suit your on tastes. Who says you have to be a doctor to do a little nip and tuck? You will be playing with a large variety of characters and can create your own from scratch including all physical attributes and skills.

All in all it's a great game to play, but does get monotonous after a while, and the music, even though catchy, gets old. Besides the matches, there's "loser" games to play, dancing, photo shoots, and much more. Is it replayable? Yes in deed! Just don't expect to be conquering any worlds or killing all the bad guys.