interesting for a while

User Rating: 6.5 | Rumble Roses XX X360
I generally don't play wrestling games but I saw this game in the bargain bin and thought "hey what the heck, chicks wrestling can't be that bad".

Anyway you start off the usual, picking a character and working your way up through the arena's fighting different people. The tutorial though is not very good because all it does is show you some moves in a video but doesn't let you actually try the move yourself. There is also no list that I can find that has all the characters moves listed in the game, and the manual just gives very basic information. So you are left blind mostly as to how to string together moves and submission holds to win a match.

There doesn't seem to be any real story which makes your objective unclear, I just kept competing in different events until a "boss" appeared and I defeated her and became champion, after that you can still keep playing though so there's not really an end. The graphics are good enough in some parts though in other parts looks quite dated. The music in this game is pretty annoying but the voice overs for the characters is good enough to pass. There's also a photoshoot mode which has no real purpose to the game unless you like looking at near naked polygon females.

My biggest complaint with this game is that there is a fair bit of content that has to be unlocked to be played, but it takes ridiculous amounts of hours and matches to get it all. I played for 2 days when I first got it and only got about 5% of the content unlocked. You also have to do very obscure things like beat certain opponents a certain amount of times or wear certain costumes in certain rings, which without a guide you are enver going to figure out. Which brings me to the other problem, this game gets repetitive fast, there is also a severe lack of zones to fight in,6 in total which is pretty poor. I doubt i'll ever unlock everything because of the ridiculous amount of game time needed compared to how repetitive this game gets.