Maybe it's Virtua Fighter with only girls,what a joke.... Well, it's a fighting game, that's already a good poin

User Rating: 6.5 | Rumble Roses XX X360
Rumble Rose XX is a wresling game that show not very many potential,that's sad to said because the game could be better than that,I'm sure.

The game just looks like a copy of Virtua Fighter with only girls and with wresling, that's cheap.Also, the only good thing they copy was the graphics.I've not much to say about this game,I'm really disapoint of it....

I was waiting for more (or maybe to much)

So here the checklist :

Gameplay : 7/10
it's sure look like all wresling gameplay,but it's still good for me :)

Storyline : 4/10

Graphics : 9/10
Really beautifull characters and nice characters design too (havik love sexy girls with big boob)

Positive of the game : 7/10
-nice graphics
-beautifull design
-it's a fighting game afterall.
-Nice backgrouds

Negative of the game : 5/10
-Too many to say.

The game wasn't something that we want to remember, I think the game as been made quickly and that's the cause of his cheapnest.....They should work better on it if the do a Rumble Rose XXX (lol, that's a kind of confusing game name).