The ultimate truth : sex sales

User Rating: 6 | Rumble Roses XX X360
There will be time when you wonder whether developers in this generation really have commitment for their games or just slap sexy rendered women and hope for the best. Rumble Roses definitely falls into latter category. This sequel to Rumble Roses of ps2 maintains its striptease cheesy philosophy which shamefully works.

The graphic is centered around half-naked or even barely clothed girls who dressed and act in every boy fetish. In this way, this game succeeded immensely. Characters is well created and beautifully rendered, intros are sultry and movesets offer a lot of crotch exposing scene. Many content seem copied and pasted from Rumble Roses, with minor tweak here and there.

Players pick a girl and then navigate to confusing map menu with exhibition mode, three match-up, Street Fight, Queen match, museum and locker. The match-up is normal match in different arenas and random opponent in which you raise your character popularity. Queen match is a match where the loser does the winner's bidding such as sexy pose, yoga pose or whatever humiliating poses. Street Fight as the name suggests is a pitiful rip-off from fighting game. Museum is the place where you buy then ogle at the artwork. Locker is where you change your character appearance and photo them so you can post them at Xbox Live.

The gameplay is dumbed down Smackdown, players attack with X to strike and Y to grapple. Right Bumper to block and, in combination with X and Y, triggers a reversal respectively. Build enough momentum and you can perform finisher in form of Humiliation move or Killer move. Unlike Smackdown where players must in specific position to trigger finisher, in this game finisher will also trigger cutscene which make it much easier to hit.

AI is not bad, if you do same pattern of attack, they will likely to counter and some characters will fight more aggressively than others. Some of characters have groggy attack that can be chain into series of another groggy attack and also build up your opponent humiliation gauge. After finding these moves, the match can finish in 2-3 minutes.

Every characters have alter-ego or superstar costume, which enable them to dish out more painful move. This make the game way too easy against AI, but then again the sole purpose of the game is to collect these unlockables. There are also many intros and poses to unlock, after that there isn't much incentive to play again.

The sound is not that good. Sound effect is passable when you are attacking or performing suplex. BGM sound like music from striptease club or cheap porn. The dub is over-the-top and delivers cheesy one liner. The groan from submission hold is over exaggerated.

This game is purely for fetish entertainment only. Regardless of this being a wrestling game, it seems only a facade or another reason to ogle at virtual ladies. After seeing every intro or performing every humiliation moves, there is not much to come back to.